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Marion Roy


After a year of art school, a civic service at the Poitiers University Hospital, two years of psychology license, a professional license in social intervention and several exhibitions, Marion feels that it is the time or never to get into professionally in Art: she became a professional artist in April 2021, to try to live from her passion. His artistic approach: between benevolence and emotions Indeed, she has been drawing since her childhood. At the beginning, Marion made landscapes and, fascinated by the portraits drawn in a realistic way, tried to make it in turn towards her 15 years. It is therefore for 7 years that faces have emerged from its leaves in a hyperrealist way, all in black and white, and the progression of this technique tends to show the appearance of the body without hiding its imperfections. For her, the ideal and stereotypical body is highlighted through social networks and the media: they direct the daily life of people who are looking for a "perfect" body. This is not the purpose of her art, she wants to highlight the diversity of bodies, which turns out to be hidden because of societal stereotypes. This artistic approach is reflected in his drawings in Polaroid format, where elements of the body are drawn, such as wrinkles, stretch marks, hairs, the line of pregnancy ... In addition emotions through his drawings. It is important for her to transmit emotions to people: each of her works must provide emotions, whether positive or negative. His technique is at the service of his artistic approach: since it is to show a hidden reality and to transmit particular emotions, Marion tries as much as possible to make the drawing real, like a cliché. For most of her drawings, she makes them in several hours. For example, she makes a drawing of 30x40 cm in 80 hours generally. The hyperrealism of his drawings therefore requires him patience, meticulousness, rigor, precision, and above all a almost perfect technique. Its equipment is mainly composed of graphite pencils, black colored pencils and black panpastel.

Selected Works

Des enfants

Drawings - 30x20 cm


Drawings - 60x40 cm

Cheveux au vent

Drawings - 60x40 cm

Pieds dans la mer froide

Drawings - 60x40 cm


Drawings - 18x13 cm

N°18 - polaroïd - fesses

Drawings - 10x10 cm

N°16 - polaroïd - dos nu

Drawings - 10x10 cm

N°14 - polaroïd - œil

Drawings - 10x10 cm

N°4 - polaroïd - ventre

Drawings - 10x10 cm

Le matin

Drawings - 13x19 cm


Drawings - 40x30 cm

Folie 1

Drawings - 24x30 cm

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