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Holder of a graphic study diploma in graphic arts at the Pivaut school in Nantes as well as a Master MEEF at the Faculty of Plastic Arts in Rennes 2, Sarah Nyangué alias Saratoustra is a Nantes illustrator who lives and works in Nantes Currently. Her particular attraction for the practice of portrait was born following a trip to Cameroon in 2009 where she will make many drawings in her travel book. A year later, the exchanges with the painter-photographer Titouan Lamazou during an internship carried out within his workshop in Paris, will definitively sign this love for the human figure. It also cultivates the desire to invest in young people by carrying out workshops allowing access to culture and the practice of drawing by investing in different structures in France as well as international (Europe-Asie-Afrique ). Back in France since 2017, she settled and settles in Nantes where she shares her time between her creation work, and the educational projects that she coordinates within different educational and associative structures. In parallel with this, she has been investing since 2018 in collective actions since 2018 in order to pool her plastic practice with other actors from the visual arts as well as the performing arts. She is starting to exhibit her screen printing work in galleries, fairs and creator markets since 2019. Today, we can also find her work in the press: Le Monde, Le Nouvel Obs, the new literary magazine etc ... Sarah’s work is an exploration of intimate and unspeakable. The human: his mysteries and his contradictions, his questions and his doubts, are what inhabit his creations. The borne was therefore naturally imposed itself on her. His clean drawings allow him to pay particular attention to the composition and expressiveness of his images. Its sources of inspiration are diverse; A few surprised sentences at the corner of a street, travel, but especially fleeting and incongruous moments which, according to her, calls to poetry.

Selected Works


Prints - 60x50 cm


Prints - 60x50 cm


Prints - 60x50 cm

Deux femmes

Prints - 70x50 cm

Un cœur tendre

Prints - 60x50 cm

Face à face II

Prints - 50x35 cm

Face à face I

Prints - 50x35 cm

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