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Marie Kerrenneur


Self -taught, Marie Kerrenneur is very interested in material, then using driftwood, sand, linen ... Then having traveled a lot around the world she is interested in the work of artists from very different countries. A crazy desire to discover, to learn always and always, she has the opportunity to do an artistic internship in Morocco, then in Italy on Lake Côme with an artist whose work of materials she loved. Subsequently, she meets a visual artist whose work she adores who agrees to give her lessons. She appreciates seeing exhibitions, museums. "Painting is then a new adventure, another distant journey, imagination, escape, meetings, personal research ..... and I feel intense moments of happiness! Invited to exhibit, I accept immediately because the exchanges are exciting and so enriching .. " "The painting is only the fruit of experience, the intimate experience of the painter" - Charles Juliet

Selected Works

Le plat pays....

Paintings - 38x60 cm

Réveil volcanique

Paintings - 40x40 cm

Le vide? le plein???

Paintings - 55x47 cm

Cogito ergo sum

Paintings - 61x46 cm

Sans titre 0521

Paintings - 40x40 cm

Sans titre pb 20

Paintings - 80x60 cm

Un livre ne meurt jamais

Paintings - 80x60 cm


Paintings - 70x70 cm


Paintings - 64x92 cm

Sans titre 0721

Paintings - 92x73 cm

Sans titre X 0823

Paintings - 60x60 cm

Ce plat pays

Paintings - 30x30 cm


Paintings - 30x30 cm

Apprendre le détachement ??

Paintings - 40x40 cm

La censure, Non!!!

Paintings - 92x63 cm

Ces Peintres précurseurs

Paintings - 92x73 cm

Poètes disparus.

Paintings - 80x80 cm


Paintings - 40x30 cm

J'aimerais voir Syracuse....

Paintings - 40x40 cm

Panem nostrum

Paintings - 92x73 cm

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