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Artist represented by the gallery the container based in Nice and Aix-en-Provence. An insect, it is an often unloved being and yet essential to the ecosystem ... from graffiti, would it not be for this reason that 'Artist decides to make it his blaze? A blaze that sounds like a parallel between his two reasons for living: nature and street art, this movement so much disparaged since its origin and already so inked in the history of art! The insect is originally a Pure and hard graffiti artist, follower of typographies and more particularly old school letters from the 90s'. He grafted in the streets, the vacant lots, the wasteland, the abandoned houses ... and discreetly affixed to his claiming messages, we can decipher the tag "1sekte", the one he reserves for the street. But the insect is also a reference to nature, his nature dear to him and in the midst of which he likes to live. Do not go to think that graffiti is reserved for large metropolises, it knew how to cross the fields and the countryside to inspire, sublimate, (vandalize?) The smallest province stations. The wood has become over time his predilection material. Always recycled, he china, treats it, pumn and painted it. The insect is therefore the mixture of Hip-Hop Graffiti nature and graffiti culture. It is graffiti an owl on oak, drawing a bear in a posa, denounced with the softness of the line and the brutality of the words. Because yes, the insect denounces and behind its pretty animals, its warm colors and its compositions skillfully punctuated by the slats, the message is clear and speaks to all!

Selected Works

Saute la barrière

Paintings - 74x133 cm

Maneki Neko

Paintings - 61x62 cm

Circle vibes

Paintings - 80x80 cm

Martin le pêcheur

Paintings - 47x34 cm

Un, deux, trois...

Paintings - 47x34 cm


Paintings - 61x61 cm


Paintings - 72x72 cm

C'est ça la France

Paintings - 79x54 cm

Wild style

Paintings - 59x170 cm

Jungle skull

Paintings - 62x65 cm

Fleur bleue

Paintings - 62x65 cm

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