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Artist represented by the Gallery Le Container based in Nice and Aix-en-Provence.zeklo is a self-taught French artist from the Graffiti movement. Traveler at heart, he travels the world with his bomb and his pencil. On the walls or in his travel diary, his line is a real look at what surrounds him. Following figurative and colorful works represent the daily life of those who cross his path. Contemplative, patient, he likes to show what the eye cannot see, focus on details, reveal their importance and their character, discover the hidden side of each. Zeklo internalizes the world to exteriorize it with its own subjectivity. His workshop work allows him to mix different techniques and enhance other supports (canvas, paper, etc.) that the wall. From the early 2000s, he crossed the world and multiplies appearances in France and abroad during Official Street Art events (London, Copenhagen, Marrakech, etc.). Today, & nbsp; it is a Zeklo who has muri, evolved while keeping his paw. His work has come together, soothed, disciplined too. "I work today with models nearby, it allows me to make series, to develop my subjects. I take ownership as the portraits are made the features of my model so that it becomes a style and no longer a person. Inspired by the pre -raphaélist movement, Zeklo also pays tribute in his approach to one of the founding painters of the movement, Gabriel Dantetti, who painted the same woman all his life. Like Rossetti, Zeklo is a painter of the soul where his characters are in an in-between between reality and fiction. Due to the technique and the palette, the artist also evolves: "I now limit myself in color, I want them less to get your eye and softer, more autumn. I wanted to impose constraints and hold on to a tone. Usually, I like to paint quickly but having been locked in 2020 taught me patience. I now take more time to better transcribe the line with a brush. I am looking for a more neat, calmer, more peaceful job. »»

Selected Works

Sans se retourner

Paintings - 130x89 cm


Paintings - 120x80 cm

La danse

Paintings - 120x80 cm

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