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Born in Saint-Brieuc in 1982, Kelig Le Bert draws from an early age. He discovered graffiti and his universe in the 90s. Fascinated by all these colors and frescoes with incredible dimensions, he therefore launched the walls in 1998 under the pseudonym of Smoka. Perfectionist by nature, he first explores different styles of lettering with demanding technique. Today his work as a muralist mixes portraits, typography, patterns and materials, creating dynamic compositions and a unique universe. The patterns and colors become preponderant elements of his practice, punctuating his works between abstraction and figuration. His frescoes question our beliefs, confront our human certainties with the reality of the world and nature. He is part of the 100 pressure collective in Nantes since 2006, with which he participated in many urban art projects across Europe.

Selected Works

Rainy Day

Paintings - 205x140 cm

Getting old

Paintings - 120x60 cm

Black Leather

Paintings - 60x120 cm

Winter Talk

Paintings - 120x60 cm

The Fight

Paintings - 205x140 cm

Meta 7

Paintings - 85x65 cm

Meta 6

Paintings - 85x65 cm

Meta 5

Paintings - 85x65 cm

Meta 4

Paintings - 85x65 cm

Meta 3

Paintings - 85x65 cm

Meta 1

Paintings - 200x135 cm

La chambre

Paintings - 70x50 cm


Paintings - 92x65 cm

Lena et le chat

Paintings - 76x51 cm


Paintings - 81x65 cm

Le jardinier

Paintings - 110x90 cm


Paintings - 60x80 cm


Paintings - 110x73 cm

Force de la nature

Paintings - 116x81 cm

La larme de Demeter

Paintings - 195x130 cm

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