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Rodolphe Martinez


Rodolphe Martinez was born in 1969 in Bordeaux. He has been working on Radio France as a show presenter and pursued his career as a visual artist for over 10 years. His multifaceted work oscillates between photography, painting, video, design. A hybrid production where digital and traditional techniques intersect (painting, drawing, sculpture, engraving and collages). He explores the ambiguity of the gaze and questions the equivocal relationship between painting and photography. We owe him in particular exhibitions in public space such as the monumental tattoo of a tram train in Bordeaux in 2015 (40 female faces) or a forest of cubic trees for the river festival in 2015. It produces several series On female faces and bodies, clouds, trees, landscapes, summer, road, Venice or the sacred with an exhibition on the crucifixion in St André de Bordeaux cathedral with the patronage of Bernard Magrez in 2012. A collaboration renewed in 2018 with a monographic exhibition in Venice at the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute. Note also collaborations and projects such as the creation of 120 unique hand painted bags for the 120th anniversary of the largest French independent Mollat ​​bookstore in 2016 or the order of the altar of the St Pierre church in Bordeaux and the Creation of the Cité du Vin Mécenes Trophy (80 pieces). He published a series in the summer in the south-west Mag for two months in 2016. Series on the gates of the Bordeaux park in Caudéran during the summer of 2018. To read on the Kazoart blog: Interview with Rodolphe Martinez Rodolphe Martinez, emblematic artist of Kazoart, exhibits at the Halle Héméra Kazoart x Petrusse x Rodolphe Martinez: When art becomes scarf

Selected Works


Photography - 140x105 cm

Regarde le ciel

Photography - 122x92 cm

Le lever

Photography - 150x100 cm

L'oeil jaune

Photography - 120x90 cm


Photography - 122x82 cm

Regarde la mer

Photography - 122x82 cm

L'ami lointain

Photography - 122x82 cm

La nuit à Tremezzo

Photography - 70x90 cm

Franges roses

Photography - 140x105 cm

Nenus 1

Photography - 105x140 cm

Fleur Nenus

Photography - 140x105 cm

les deux pins

Photography - 150x90 cm

Lac de Côme Villa Carlotta

Paintings - 150x100 cm

Pin au bord du lac de Côme

Photography - 150x100 cm

A l'ombre des fleurs ( Printemps )

Photography - 150x100 cm

Le jardin au printemps

Photography - 150x100 cm

Les Trois printemps triptyque

Photography - 140x313 cm

Les eaux de mars

Paintings - 106x141 cm

Matin rose

Photography - 100x150 cm

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