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Yves Celaire


The foundation, bronze sculptures, molten metal ... All of this already fascinated Yves thislary when he exercised his activity as an architect around Aix en Provence. After having long created buildings, he now invents jewelry, sculptures, useful objects & nbsp; ... in wax & nbsp; first, unique or in small series, & nbsp; then melt them in bronze or silver and finally the skate or encrusts them with fine stones. It is the "process" of creation in itself which prevails in his & nbsp; work, becoming attached in the end as much to the journey as at destination in his art. Indeed, the relationship with molten metal, during a cast iron, is extremely powerful, violent and provides a lot of emotion with & nbsp; the very strong feeling of achieving an ancestral gesture. Several training courses with a master founder & nbsp; were necessary to allow him to carry out the safe and precise gesture of the melting, to master the cooking process or the alchemy of the patinas. Despite everything, & nbsp; nothing is never certain in foundry according to him ... The sculptor the inspiration, Yves this Puise her from his many distant ballads. There has been an attraction to primitive arts, fetishes and artistic productions of traditional societies. Through his sculptures, you will find & nbsp; bronzes borrowed from primary art, revisited to create characters expressing joy, softness, strength or even serenity, mixing bronze with semi precious stones. It is rather organic lines & nbsp; linked to forms that nature knows how to generate so well, which guide the creation of its jewelry and objects: "I let my ideas wandered, who know where they will lead me?". is one of the 10 artists to follow in 2021 according to Kazoart

Selected Works

Grand Chef

Sculpture - 38x14 cm

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