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Nathalie Sizaret


The enigma of existence Nathalie Sizaret's work is exploration on two parallels: philosophical and plastic, on canvas as on paper. She works figuration because the body, vulnerable and fragile humans, is at the center of the question and the answer. Art is an alchemy, inner transformation allows the transformation of the world. A mystical approach to art Nathalie Sizaret lives and works in the Paris region. She finds her inspiration, in the gesture of painting. Spontaneously, intuitively, without preparatory drawing. The years spent working anatomy and morphology at the School of Fine Arts allow him today to do without the model, giving him freedom to seek in the canvas which will eventually "appear". Lulled by centuries of creation and a permanent musical background in her workshop, Nathalie Sizaret explains that painting the intimate image of the body, naked, in all its forms and colors is a way of "surveying the mystery". The inner journey The sensitive and singular work of Nathalie Sizaret, her tight palette of natural shadow and gray, awakened by orange and red bursts, invites us to stop and to travel in silence and motionless in front of each of his paintings, in front of each of these stories that the backs, faces, faces, hands, wings of these beings she subjects to our gaze "There are the worlds that inhabit her and those who come to her without her will being involved [...]" (Jean Charbonnier)

Selected Works

1001 vies

Paintings - 116x89 cm


Paintings - 19x13 cm

Archangel (60)

Paintings - 10x17 cm

Les nostalgies

Paintings - 24x18 cm

Cherub (13)

Paintings - 10x17 cm

Chérubin (11)

Paintings - 10x17 cm

Puissances (40)

Paintings - 10x17 cm

The moon is not so far away

Paintings - 10x20 cm


Paintings - 21x13 cm

Vent rose

Paintings - 10x20 cm

La porte

Paintings - 21x15 cm


Paintings - 26x17 cm


Paintings - 26x17 cm


Paintings - 195x61 cm


Paintings - 35x25 cm


Paintings - 35x25 cm

Mother and child

Paintings - 81x100 cm

Une moitié d’autre

Paintings - 100x90 cm

Les mondes à venir

Paintings - 61x50 cm

D’abord le frisson

Paintings - 61x50 cm

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