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Laurent Minguet


Laurent Minguet, artist and designer specializing in urban furniture and furnishings, was born in 1969 in Toulouse where he lives and works. Adept of acrylic on canvas from an early age, he learns alone and painted only with a brush. In the 80s, guided by car silhouettes, he perfected in hyperrealistic style. From 1998, inspired by his first major trips, he focused on the landscapes marked by hyperbanization. Since then, he has surveyed the greatest mega -cities looking for the best photographic angle of iconic or any. In the workshop, he will then methodically draw them in pencil and then paint them, and thus make them remarkable by the balance of their contrasts. The supports used today are fine, walnut, cherry or oak, natural and raw. It selects them carefully so that their random venage strengthens the dynamics of an extremely detailed set. The line, precise and essential, then freezes for a moment the agitation and the architectural density of its graphic composition. To break the linearity of noble wood, the artist will work on monochrome acrylic in opposition to the photorealist precision of the painting, thus revealing the strength of his different interpretations. The continuity of the urban landscape recreated with a brush in the illusion of natural transparency finally marks the culmination of the work. Through his paintings, Laurent Minguet invites us to travel at all latitude. Laurent Minguet offers both his original, unique works, as well as wooden screen printing in limited editions, smaller, made by a specialized printer.

Selected Works


Prints - 44x81 cm

Good morning New York

Prints - 77x63 cm

Alone in Madison

Prints - 47x47 cm

The dark side of Miami

Prints - 80x48 cm

Go to karaoke - Tokyo

Paintings - 153x153 cm

Lost in Vegas

Paintings - 63x63 cm

Soho - New York

Paintings - 79x79 cm

Broadway sky

Paintings - 56x110 cm

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