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Pierre-Bernard COGNEIN


Aged 51, Pierre-Bernard is above all an animal photographer. For 11 years, he has been part of the Bios Photo agency. He has a very assertive and assumed artistic approach in animal photo. He does not seek the naturalist's gaze, but still photographs with respect for the animal, his environment. He regularly sells in the sales room, this is how he has the honor of being on the artprice. He was published in the Niepcebook n ° 09 which he made the cover, but also in Camera Classic T quarterly Italian. "My first contact with the world of photography was, in third, simple, simple experiences, enlightening OPAQUE OBJECTS on photo paper then by developing. We obtained white “shadows” on a black background. My passion for argentic chemistry began, and quite naturally, I started photography. Although I completely abandoned the Argentic in 2000. "In today's world, natural areas left to animals are increasingly limited. Little by little man nibbles their places of life, grant their hunting and reproductive territories. Species must therefore adapt or, too often, disappear. Through his animal photos, Pierre-Bernard offers his vision of this situation. The black background symbolizes the end of the habitats, to leave only the animal alone in the face of this void. However, it is an ecological proposal: the animal, in all its beauty, must keep its place. The hope that the animal will adapt and that humans will become aware of its importance. An observation that the photographer tries to magnify with his artistic approach in black funds which underline the eternal fight between the essential and the insignificant, and reminds us how much, it is futile to want to see something else by adding a decorum ... A work that confirms to what extent it is good to erase the superfluous to make room for evidence!

Selected Works

Voir son fantôme

Photography - 58x38 cm

Supérieure ?

Photography - 58x38 cm

Dans la gueule du lion

Photography - 58x38 cm


Photography - 38x58 cm

Prise de bec

Photography - 38x38 cm

Le chef d’orchestre

Photography - 60x40 cm

Regard d’en haut (homeless 07)

Photography - 45x45 cm

Paisiblement (homeless 05)

Photography - 38x38 cm

L’oubliée (homeless 49)

Photography - 45x45 cm

Furtive tachetée (homeless 14)

Photography - 65x45 cm

Laponne (homeless 01)

Photography - 45x45 cm


Photography - 40x40 cm

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