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Born in Paris in 1993, Oneack immerses himself in the world of graffiti from an early age under the name of Akro. Between Pop Art and Street Art, the artist invites us into his world, mixing fancy and colorful reality. A predilection for entropic grounds It is around abandoned and disused land that Oneack is refining its style. In these often dark places, it applies to distill color and bring an impulse of life. With the aerosol bomb, he seeks to contrast the surrounding darkness of these spaces. Without abandoning his favorite places, Oneack gradually turned to the realization of his works on canvas. A heterogeneous creative process Oneack has developed several techniques over time: acrylic, brush, bomb ... He uses sponges to make his bottoms and recycles his stencils, thus giving more character to his paintings. The latter have many details to seize under different prisms, thus delivering the artist's points of view.

Selected Works


Paintings - 100x81 cm

Look to the future

Paintings - 100x81 cm

RIP Jimi Hendrix

Paintings - 113x98 cm

R.I.P Stan Lee

Paintings - 116x89 cm

Rhino On The Wall

Paintings - 100x70 cm

Cogito On The Wall

Paintings - 89x116 cm

Op art on the wall 045

Paintings - 50x50 cm

Make art not war

Paintings - 70x55 cm

On the wall #100

Paintings - 38x55 cm

Cogito on the wall 028

Paintings - 100x80 cm

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