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Alain Voinot


Alain Voinot works mainly on pastel on black funds to enhance the light, by contrast. It is in line with the impressionists because what prevails for him are emotions and direct perceptions, which, thanks to the magic of pastel, turns into colorful keys placed on paper more instinctively than intellectual.

Selected Works

Jardin face à la montagne

Paintings - 30x30 cm

Vague au soleil

Paintings - 50x65 cm

Impression au jardin

Drawings - 70x50 cm

Un moment suspendu

Drawings - 65x50 cm

Collines fleuries

Drawings - 65x50 cm


Drawings - 65x50 cm

L'étang vert

Drawings - 65x50 cm

Petit cours d'eau

Drawings - 65x50 cm

Jardin coloré par l'automne

Drawings - 65x50 cm

Ruisseau aux hautes herbes

Paintings - 30x30 cm

La rivière aux âmes

Paintings - 72x56 cm


Paintings - 30x30 cm

En bord de Garonne

Paintings - 40x40 cm

Au matin

Drawings - 50x65 cm

Eau calme au jardin

Drawings - 65x50 cm

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