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Philippe Marlats


French painter, Philippe Marlats, inspired in his formal language by figurative and abstract expressionists of the 20th century, develops research on two subjects in counterpoints and complementarity, the fall of man, on the one hand, and the woman as an illustration of Nature, on the other hand. Philippe Marlats follows, from the age of 12, painting lessons in workshops, then in high school (where he will obtain a baccalaureate of letters and plastic arts) and finally, more recently of academic drawing where he initiated the living model. Philippe Marlats is a member of the Ateliers Aquitaine association, the oldest artistic association in Bordeaux. The fall of man is in resonance with the episode of Genesis. But beyond the biblical allegory, the semantics of the fall of man goes beyond it and makes it possible to illustrate an intimate questioning of the artist on the place of man in his life, in the universe, his relation to a world necessarily in crisis. More peaceful, female nudes are placed in a universe very close to the beneficial forces of nature. To read: the interview with Philippe Marlats on the Kazoart blog

Selected Works

Nu aux feuilles roses

Paintings - 25x25 cm

Nu orange et bleu

Paintings - 48x37 cm

Nu au saule pleureur

Paintings - 32x24 cm


Paintings - 60x73 cm


Paintings - 24x32 cm

Nu - vert

Paintings - 42x30 cm

La porte

Paintings - 32x24 cm

Nu au torrent jaune

Paintings - 30x21 cm

Unis 3 - adam et eve

Paintings - 102x60 cm

Paysage féminin

Paintings - 42x25 cm

Modèle 2-1-20

Drawings - 42x30 cm

Modèle 1-1-20

Drawings - 42x30 cm

Figure 1219

Paintings - 32x24 cm

Unis 2 - Adam et Eve

Paintings - 102x60 cm

Unis 1 - adam et eve

Paintings - 102x60 cm

Femme torrent

Paintings - 30x21 cm

A terre

Paintings - 42x29 cm

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