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Jonathan Ouisse


Through his art, Jonathan Ouisse intends to surprise, awaken (or awaken) consciences but also portray a satirical portrait of the society in which we live. At the same time painter, illustrator and graphic designer for more than ten years, he himself defines his style as belonging to the movement of "New Contemporary Art" where street-art and realism mix. A painting full of symbols Jonathan Ouisse works between France and Budapest, country of residence of his partner. Anchored in hip-hop culture and particularly graffiti, which he still legally practices, the paint bomb and acrylic on canvas remain his favorite mediums. On his paintings generally in very large format, Jonathan Ouisse delivers saturated colors to give birth to works as amazing to look at as to analyze. A precise style and trenched lights Often surreal, satirical always, inspired by news, political thing, ecology, Jonathan Ouisse place man in his ridiculous and vain attempt of total control of his environment. A bit like directors Kusturica or Fellini who used burlesque as a subversive process to ironize a dramatic point, the painting is neither black nor pessimistic, it is even rather colorful, like the time. Subjugated by the painting of the Italian Renaissance since childhood, its style is precise and the lights are decided.

Selected Works


Paintings - 210x210 cm

Birdy nam nam

Paintings - 70x90 cm

Be humble

Paintings - 80x100 cm

The king's speech

Paintings - 220x190 cm


Paintings - 140x140 cm

Water no get enemy

Paintings - 185x400 cm

Edge Of Eden IV

Paintings - 100x80 cm

Rainbow Warrior

Drawings - 55x70 cm

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