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Diane De Sein Leger


Diane de Sein Leger was born in France, in Lille. She has carried out scientific studies and human anatomy which will lead her to a close collaboration with the CNRS where she will mainly do work on the body of the great apes. In addition to her passion for animal and human morphology, she cultivates a particular relationship with art by trying to stage plays, writing, painting, then finally to sculpture. Create, model, shape, give meaning to form by transforming the material: this is its quest. In 2010, she decided to devote herself essentially to her 3 -dimensional work in order to better explore the geometric properties of volumes. Its favorite materials are concrete, ceramics and bronze as evidenced by these previous exhibitions. His sculptures are sometimes cut with the serpe, sometimes sensual, but always give off the feeling of movement and strength. They arouse both mental and tactile palpation. If from his artistic subjects emerge power and energy, it is to better embody the unconscious resources of each.

Selected Works

Cheval han béton

Sculpture - 34x39 cm

Sumo-mosu, blanc satiné

Sculpture - 27x28 cm

Gorille béton gris clair

Sculpture - 40x44 cm

Samouraï béton doré

Sculpture - 26x15 cm


Sculpture - 10x14 cm

Cheval Han bronze

Sculpture - 34x39 cm

Bison bronze gris graphite

Sculpture - 10x14 cm

Sumo-mosu blanc glossy

Sculpture - 27x28 cm

White gorilla

Sculpture - 40x44 cm

La course céramique

Sculpture - 32x8 cm

Samourai béton gris

Sculpture - 26x15 cm

Sapiens - warrior

Sculpture - 38x48 cm

Arcim - head

Sculpture - 41x23 cm

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