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Jean-Noël Le Junter


Jean-Noël the Junter studied in Clermont-Ferrand before leaving under other skies (Scotland, Great-Brittany, United States, Normandy then Hérault since 1992). His favorite themes are the landscapes and ports of the south of France, the nudes, the bulls, the dancers of Sevillane and the portraits. "Whether it is landscapes, sea, portraits, naked, ... Jn the junter always starts - on the pattern or according to model - by preparatory sketches and watercolors which allow him to work in oil in his workshop. [..] He is more interested in atmospheres than in reality and seeks to transcribe sensations, a "felt", while trying to "simplify" this reality in order to retain only the essential and By favoring color. '' (Galerie Jouvène, Marseille) his works appear in several works of art. The most recent: painters and colors of Salagou (2017) -The Grand Montpellier and his painters (2018)- painters of the Garrigue, Cévennes and Causses (2019)- painters of the Gulf of Lion (2020)- Painters and colors D 'Occitanie (2022) He exhibited his works many times, in France, in Great Britain, Germany, Greece and the United States.

Selected Works


Paintings - 38x46 cm

La montagne Sainte-Victoire

Paintings - 39x47 cm

Aigues-Mortes in the morning

Paintings - 33x43 cm

Fishermen's huts in Sète

Paintings - 60x60 cm

Printemps en Provence

Paintings - 30x60 cm

Reflets dans le port de Sanary

Paintings - 80x80 cm

Le bois des Aresquiers

Paintings - 46x55 cm

Lying nude

Paintings - 32x42 cm

Les cabanes de Mauguio

Paintings - 43x53 cm

Le Grau du Roi, rive droite

Paintings - 64x104 cm

Sanary sur mer

Paintings - 78x58 cm

Les cabanes de Candillargues

Paintings - 43x53 cm

Reflets dans le port

Paintings - 47x47 cm


Paintings - 43x38 cm

Le village de Lods en hiver

Paintings - 39x47 cm

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