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Marie Guerrier


Trained in metal art professions, this material is omnipresent in the work of Marie Guerrier. She finds her inspiration in nature and particularly in the world of minerals, geometric, architectural and colorful. Primordial construction tool, geometry occupies a permanent place in all its creations. Beyond the graphic and symbolic bias, it makes it possible to illustrate the astonishing analogy between the infinitely small and the cosmos, and thus relates to the field of science. Exploring all scales, from jewelry to monumental sculpture, Marie Guerrier places her work in volume at the border between plastic and design. "I want to give the spectator the freedom to experience my works in their physicity, by an interpretation or a use that would be its own." Marie Guerrier

In search of balance and poetry, it shakes up the elementary geometric figures by giving them life by a tangible representation in space and by composing them judiciously in order to question our perception. Remaining intimately attached to artisanal know-how, material (metal, but also wood, ceramics, nylon thread or concrete), testing with patience and respect, is sublimated in its smallest detail.

Selected Works


Sculpture - 400x100 cm

L'arbre de la cité

Sculpture - 180x60 cm


Sculpture - 190x25 cm


Sculpture - 41x24 cm


Sculpture - 24x34 cm


Sculpture - 22x20 cm


Sculpture - 12x25 cm


Sculpture - 26x30 cm


Sculpture - 18x24 cm

Constante aléatoire 2

Sculpture - 150x20 cm

Constante Aléatoire 1

Sculpture - 186x20 cm

Moyenne Danse Fantôme

Prints - 78x57 cm

Grande Danse Nuit Noire

Prints - 111x82 cm


Prints - 24x30 cm


Prints - 30x24 cm


Prints - 30x24 cm


Prints - 30x24 cm

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