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François Sahuc


François Sahuc is a French artist and architect. After studying at the Beaux Arts in Paris, he opened his agency in the Marais district in 1984. To fill this vital need to draw and his passion for the human body, he frequented the workshops of living models, like the one led by the 'Artist Bertrand Godard. After several years, François Sahuc finds his style: a dynamic, spontaneous drawing and made on the spot. The curves of its silhouettes are round and slender, the line is always powerful and supported, sometimes vibrant. His drawings are the result of poses with women or men's models, of which he manages to quickly capture the essentials of the movement and the personality of the model. His work is characterized by permanent technical experiments. The artist works in his Loft workshop in Clamart, a silent place is bathed in light conducive to concentration and creativity. He uses mainly warm colors such as red, orange, brown, ocher, then works volumes and shadows. Like a sculptor, he refines the mass, gradually specifying the volumes. It then resumes certain oil or pastel funds. His drawings made on different papers are marouflaged on canvases. His works are alive, they suggest the body more than drawing it in detail; without eyes or mouth. From these almost unreal characters, taken from his imagination, a certain sensual atmosphere emerges. Its silhouettes with generous shapes and warm colors are amazing contrast to their author, artist with discreet charm and rather puny athletic physics. But do we not say that the opposites attract?

Selected Works


Drawings - 80x100 cm


Drawings - 24x24 cm


Drawings - 40x40 cm

Claire sculpture et dessin

Sculpture - 150x150 cm

Julie debout

Drawings - 52x42 cm


Drawings - 52x42 cm


Drawings - 80x80 cm

Adèle 4 poses

Drawings - 80x80 cm

Adèle pose 1

Drawings - 80x80 cm

Danusio 2

Drawings - 80x100 cm


Drawings - 80x80 cm

Posula 3 poses

Drawings - 80x100 cm

Amazing yuka

Drawings - 30x40 cm

Yuka debout

Drawings - 40x25 cm

Yuka 3 poses

Drawings - 40x70 cm

Yuka assise

Drawings - 24x33 cm

Yuka 1

Drawings - 30x40 cm

Yuka 2 poses

Drawings - 35x50 cm


Drawings - 70x100 cm


Drawings - 60x120 cm

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