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Barna Gacsi


Barna Gacsi is a sculptor artist who considers himself as a mediator of creation, between matter, theme and superior force. An artistic practice carried by a spiritual forcebarna Gacsi usually works without having in mind the final rendering of her works. & Nbsp; The sculptures, like ideas, are not created as a result of a plan or a project. The artist relies on this & nbsp; upper power, this force from which we all come. The artist explains to us: "In fact, it is the subject, the theme that finds me, I am not the Creator, I am only the mediator. […] In this sense, we are materials, even if I think of me as an energy, we are vibrations capable of welcoming. If an artist is able to give in to this power, a statue can be born then. »The work of matter at the heart of her creations to realize her creations, Barna Gacsi uses raw materials. He lets his creative spirit thus identify human and animal silhouettes from these mediums, elongated forms or marked models. Shall sculptures with human forms refer us to thought, to psychic interiority and to a state of soul suggested by the Data postures. & nbsp;

Selected Works

Le banquier aux épaules

Sculpture - 30x12 cm

Le bicycliste

Sculpture - 30x40 cm

Le coq

Sculpture - 70x40 cm

La porte

Paintings - 60x80 cm

Me serre dans mes bras II.

Sculpture - 15x8 cm

Me serre dans mes bras I.

Sculpture - 8x8 cm

La joie

Sculpture - 20x30 cm

Mélancolie 2

Sculpture - 10x10 cm

Où est la fin du monde (5)?

Sculpture - 20x10 cm

Où est la fin du monde (3) ?

Sculpture - 25x10 cm

Où est la fin du monde (2) ?

Sculpture - 25x10 cm

Éléphante rosée

Sculpture - 13x8 cm

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