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Léa Valmain


The most humble of materials, paper, has always fascinated Léa Valmain. He sometimes has curious names, varies in thickness, velvety, format, color ... The full and the voids, the shadow and the light that play with the notions of presence and absence are the other centers of artistic interest of this artist. Using a surgical scalpel, it delicately cuts the paper in its thickness, creates a movement, causes lines, curves without (almost!) Never drill the leaf. She sculpts directly, without prior drawing, just guided by the emotion of a moment. The pattern that appears is not fixed. Gently approach to make light dance and create moving shadows ... take a little side and everything changes ... then another and another. With each look, a new work! By admiring in the Toulouse sky, the ballet of the starlings which also create changing paintings in a few moments, she wanted to give the name of "murmurings" to these engraved papers.

Selected Works

Murmuration pépite 2

Drawings - 32x34 cm

Murmuration pépite 4

Drawings - 56x76 cm

Murmuration pépite 3

Drawings - 56x76 cm

Murmuration pépite 2

Drawings - 56x76 cm

Murmuration pépite 1

Drawings - 76x56 cm

Murmuration IV 20

Drawings - 13x19 cm

Murmuration 18 XII 18

Drawings - 18x25 cm

Murmuration rosace

Drawings - 30x42 cm

Murmuration double

Drawings - 10x21 cm

Murmuration XVII

Drawings - 30x30 cm

Murmuration XIII

Drawings - 30x30 cm

Murmuration XII

Drawings - 30x30 cm

Murmuration VII

Drawings - 76x56 cm

Murmuration VI

Drawings - 50x70 cm

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