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Anne Huet-Baron


Born in Rennes, after artistic studies in Paris (graduate of ENSAD in 1982) Anne Baron lives and now works in Alençon. She leads an artistic workshop all year round (oil painting lessons, drawing, pastel and watercolor). Passionate about watercolor, she participates in many fairs dedicated to this technique and offers internships as part of these salons. Anne Baron has been a member of the French watercolor company since 2015 as well as independent artists from Basse Normandie. Her landscape painting (waves, rocks, mountains and forests) seeks to express the romantic feeling of nature, with what she has tragic and violent as well as sweet and melted. His flowers evoke the fragile and ephemeral beauty of life. His slightly dreamlike characters sometimes evoke ancient legends. It is a complete universe, a painting in fragmented touches, inspired by reality, carried away by the dream.

Selected Works

La source vive

Paintings - 29x29 cm

La danse des hortensias

Paintings - 60x45 cm

Le chemin des ombres bleues

Paintings - 61x45 cm

Vers le chemin des rêves

Paintings - 61x45 cm

Les solitudes des grèves

Paintings - 36x56 cm

Le chemin des grands arbres

Paintings - 47x48 cm

Les rives incertaines

Paintings - 49x52 cm

L' arbre de mars

Paintings - 49x53 cm

L' enchantement du jour

Paintings - 20x21 cm

Le chant sacré de la forêt

Paintings - 62x46 cm

Nocturne sylvestre

Paintings - 28x28 cm

L 'esprit des arbres

Paintings - 28x28 cm

profondeurs azuréennes

Paintings - 47x61 cm

Ourlée d' écume

Paintings - 47x62 cm

Les eaux de septembre

Paintings - 47x62 cm

Vibrations sylvestres

Paintings - 60x38 cm

Le rêve du bois des ombres

Paintings - 49x49 cm

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