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Christian Candelier


After a business career, it was in 2011 that Christian Candelier decided to devote himself exclusively to his passion: sculpture. He is more particularly interested in the human figure, endeavoring to identify the curves of nature, in particular those of the female bodies. He creates nudes with sensual curves, inhabited by momentum, grace and elegance. He finds his inspirations in jewelry, haute couture, perfume ads or in the painting he likes. Christian Candelier is looking for perfection in touch: no defects must hit her hand when she slides on the smooth curves. He carries his sculptures at the limit of imbalance in order to favor the harmony of the lines and the movement.

Selected Works

Toujours là 2/12

Sculpture - 40x40 cm

Toujours là 1/12

Sculpture - 40x40 cm


Sculpture - 37x21 cm


Sculpture - 39x21 cm


Sculpture - 38x20 cm


Sculpture - 38x21 cm


Sculpture - 39x18 cm

Petite priscaela

Sculpture - 8x21 cm

Priscilla bronze PATINE BRUN

Sculpture - 14x36 cm

Delphine bleue bronze

Sculpture - 46x21 cm

Sylvie rebelle

Sculpture - 29x17 cm


Sculpture - 39x21 cm


Sculpture - 51x35 cm


Sculpture - 13x26 cm

La songeuse

Sculpture - 95x39 cm


Sculpture - 33x17 cm

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