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Claudie Saxe


Claudie Saxe is an artist who is close to the movement of "lyrical abstraction". She suggests thanks to the material and a very spontaneous gesture a duality between the visual she offers and the impression that the sight of her work inspired. Sterely from her almost violent gesture, her work gives off a poetry specific to the introspection and meditation. The work of Claudie Saxe ... An prolonged hesitation between form and meaning.

Selected Works

Compression feuille n° 19

Sculpture - 11x32 cm

Compression feuille n° 17

Sculpture - 10x12 cm


Sculpture - 12x18 cm

Entre terre et ciel XII

Paintings - 186x63 cm

Entre terre et ciel VII

Paintings - 150x86 cm

Aux thermes

Paintings - 71x81 cm

Légèreté XV

Paintings - 105x70 cm

Bodywood I

Paintings - 34x25 cm

Entre terre et ciel XVI

Paintings - 42x34 cm

Entre terre et ciel II

Paintings - 46x38 cm

Entre terre et ciel I

Paintings - 38x29 cm


Paintings - 55x42 cm


Paintings - 71x57 cm


Paintings - 125x48 cm


Paintings - 80x117 cm


Paintings - 75x22 cm

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