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Philippe Nicolaï


Philippe Nicolaï was born on November 25, 1972 in Bastia and from Crocicchia, a small hamlet in Castagniccia. From his early childhood, he has been passionate about drawing. Without having followed the fine arts, he joined a paint training in letters. In parallel, he wanted to explore the restoration of old frescoes in churches as well as statues in Corsica. Painting has always been an integral part of Nicolai's life. This self -taught painter began to exhibit his paintings on the occasion of various exhibitions on the island of beauty, the real departure of his career as a painter. Thanks to this, he gradually made known and met other emerging artists. Throughout his experiences, a great interest in comics, the portrait, the figurative: so many styles and means of expression has been discovered in which he has resulted in his creation process. In his inspirations, we can cite the designers Tanino Liberatore, Comes, Corto Maltese. On the painters' side, Frazetta, Siudmak Wojtek, and especially Van Gogh who caused a real shock wave in Nicolai's work. Of course, the big names in the painting that are Monet, Klimt, Modigliani or Toffoli have contributed to its pictorial research. In general, Nicolaï is affected by artists who undertake a real research on form, technique and transmission of emotions. The work of the brush, the knife, the search for suggestive color games, singular features, are all motor elements in his work. His achievements gradually led him to an evolution oscillating between impressionism and expressionism. In the middle of that, Nicolai joined his own writing, leaves his personal imprint towards his two great favorite subjects: love and women. "The only thing that it does not matter to me, it is not to convey a message, but that the canvas, in which I put all my soul, can touch the soul of the one who looks at it ... as Two souls caressing. " - Nicolai

Selected Works

Joey Starr

Paintings - 30x40 cm


Paintings - 40x30 cm


Paintings - 40x30 cm

Le lien

Paintings - 30x40 cm


Paintings - 40x30 cm


Paintings - 32x24 cm


Paintings - 65x81 cm

Les nouvelles

Paintings - 61x50 cm

Un rendez-vous

Paintings - 72x65 cm


Paintings - 61x50 cm

Avec sa permission

Paintings - 81x65 cm


Paintings - 146x97 cm

Control technik

Paintings - 46x33 cm

Dark dagda

Paintings - 65x92 cm


Paintings - 65x92 cm

De l'intérieur

Paintings - 92x65 cm


Paintings - 92x65 cm


Paintings - 65x92 cm

Just cat

Paintings - 92x65 cm


Paintings - 92x65 cm

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