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Eva Gohier


It was during his studies at the School of Fine Arts in Mulhouse that the color turns out to be in Eva Gohier. Graduated in 1989, she teaches drawing, painting and plastic arts while continuing her job as a painter. Between figuration and abstraction, it translates an atmosphere, a climate, the essence of a subject, the latter being only a pretext for creation. "I like that everything is not seized at first glance, I seek to arouse doubt on what really exists, thus making the picture living. For me, art is a language and I use it to Speaking on the philosophical, human and emotional level. In parallel, from my work as a painter, I organize courses and courses of oil painting and watercolor. Contact and exchange with participants oblige me to take more distance from the subject and nourish my vision of painting. Landscapes of land and waters, chiaroscuro streets, everyday objects, supports pretext for the creation of shapes and colors. Declages as well as rigorous and very assertive geometries contrast with the extreme fluidity of the Blues, Greens, Ocher…. A total mastery of gesture and techniques to better release an overwhelming spontaneity. "

Selected Works


Paintings - 65x54 cm


Paintings - 60x50 cm


Paintings - 61x20 cm


Drawings - 62x20 cm


Drawings - 62x20 cm


Paintings - 60x40 cm


Paintings - 54x24 cm

Freedom II

Paintings - 42x30 cm

Miroir des ondes

Paintings - 44x44 cm

La naissance du vent

Paintings - 47x41 cm

Bleus de Loire

Paintings - 33x51 cm

Port d'attache 0223

Paintings - 50x50 cm

Port d'attache

Paintings - 50x50 cm

Entre deux eaux

Paintings - 40x40 cm

La quête de l'essentiel

Paintings - 60x60 cm

Et réenchanter la Vie

Paintings - 61x53 cm

Invite au songe

Paintings - 29x39 cm

Dévoiler ses richesses

Paintings - 70x50 cm

Paysage 4420

Paintings - 20x44 cm


Paintings - 61x46 cm

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