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Lionel Le Jeune


A native of Paris, it is now under the light of Provence that Lionel the young flourishes artistically, after having lived in Italy where his creative sensitivity turned out to be ... multidisciplinary artist painting, drawing, sculpture is this last discipline that he devotes the most time. "Model, sculpt, assemble both clay and plaster, driftwood, but also old metals, leaves, fabrics, etc. recovered or found in nature, allow it very great creativity and expressiveness. Characters, animals, totems or scenes inspired by history, mythology ... Themes and style sometimes close to an Alberto Giacometti or Marc Petit. But first art see Celtic art (its Breton origins perhaps ..) can be sources of inspiration which he feels close to. "

Selected Works


Sculpture - 11x15 cm

Figure-Totem 5

Sculpture - 23x11 cm

Figure-Totem 2

Sculpture - 23x19 cm


Sculpture - 16x34 cm

Homo sapiens 2.0 assis

Sculpture - 15x17 cm


Sculpture - 40x13 cm

Etude d'ours assis

Sculpture - 18x12 cm

Adam et eve chassés de l'eden

Sculpture - 28x28 cm

Main, étude expressionniste

Sculpture - 24x8 cm

The awakening

Sculpture - 25x21 cm

Camelot, sculpture

Sculpture - 17x14 cm

Mother angel

Sculpture - 32x11 cm

Ophélie et laërte

Sculpture - 10x20 cm


Sculpture - 28x13 cm


Sculpture - 11x10 cm

Parca maurtia

Sculpture - 24x11 cm

Figure-Totem 5

Sculpture - 23x9 cm

Figure-Totem 4

Sculpture - 15x10 cm

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