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Jérôme Pergolesi


Born in Franche-Comté in 1973, Jérôme Pergolesi lives and works in Strasbourg. Professional artist, he collaborated with several galleries in France and regularly exhibits in art salons. His work is also part of many international collections.

Jérôme Pergolesi likes to question the perception of senses, memory, memories and plays with light and materials. In his works, where nature is omnipresent, each object is diverted and recomposed as a visual poem.

He thus builds landscapes, both interior and external, where gestures and color abstract the real and give it another lighting. His photographs associated with his inks on paper, such as so many pages of writing, offer several readings ranging from nature to introspection.

Selected Works

Quando siamo insieme

Photography - 60x80 cm

Con la tua sinfonia

Photography - 60x80 cm

Sogno nell'acqua

Photography - 75x50 cm

Un cygne

Photography - 60x40 cm


Photography - 40x60 cm


Photography - 100x150 cm

Mieux Voir 100

Photography - 75x50 cm


Photography - 67x50 cm


Photography - 50x75 cm


Photography - 60x90 cm


Photography - 75x50 cm


Photography - 60x40 cm

Pour l'heure s'envoler

Photography - 50x75 cm

Monte dei Cappuccini

Photography - 75x50 cm


Photography - 30x45 cm


Photography - 60x40 cm

Entre toi et la nuit

Photography - 45x30 cm

Andiamo Insieme

Photography - 45x30 cm


Photography - 60x40 cm

Fatti Vedere

Photography - 75x50 cm

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