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bruno charpentier


Often busy drawing, cutting, sticking, painting ... It quickly became a need for him to try not to do "pretty" things but rather to let each experience his emotions in the face of the image they perceive. So don't wait for user manual or user manual ...

Always on the lookout for surprising images he seeks to capture unstable lighting, changing lights, having fun with eroded and degraded materials, rejoicing with violent contrasts as the most subtle nuances, indulging in completely open or Conversely, completely closed ...

On the technical side, works regularly and quite indifferently oil or acrylic - not quite true because materials, effects, odors, drying also intervene - and more recently discovers watercolor and its approach while reserve ... Privileges the Large formats on chassis or even XXL tarpaulins, rollers and easier to transport. Fragile dosage between meticulousness and precision but a beautiful part preserved at random and its artifact

Selected Works

Bataille acharnée

Paintings - 130x110 cm

hooo... le Yéti!

Paintings - 130x81 cm

NY - Highline/11th av - 39°

Paintings - 100x162 cm

Retour de 2 we 1

Paintings - 80x160 cm

Cbg 2021 //// fig:008

Paintings - 132x115 cm

Cbg 2021 //// fig:007

Paintings - 118x76 cm

Cac 40

Paintings - 230x173 cm

Barfleur: vue plongeante

Paintings - 103x103 cm

Cbg 2020 //// fig 005

Paintings - 69x121 cm

Cbg 2021 //// fig 006

Paintings - 95x121 cm

Transparence et fluidité

Paintings - 161x107 cm

Cbg 2017 ///// fig:003

Paintings - 130x98 cm

Cbg2018 ////// fig:002

Paintings - 110x163 cm


Paintings - 60x139 cm

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