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Anne Baudequin


Anne Baudequin is a landscape painter. His work based on observation after nature, in the open-air, is part of the line line of French landscapers of the 19th century. She likes the poetry of simple subjects like the paths around her village, the edge of a river, a cloud above the mountains ... A walk according to the seasons The landscape has always been an object of contemplation for Anne Baudequin, an open parenthesis out of everyday life. From her first paintings at the age of 15, she naturally drawn her inspiration from it. A graduate of the National School of Applied Arts and Arts of Arts, her studies have confronted him with other plastic arts practices, but have not diverted her from his passion for painting on the grounds. Twenty years ago, Anne Baudequin decided to settle in Auvergne. From her workshop which dominates the Loire gorges, she contemplates the grandiose landscape shaped by volcanoes every day. Its brushes explore it, tirelessly, like a walk, renewed daily by light, climate change and seasons. Between rest of the mind and contemplation in natural light Anne Baudequin painted in oil, "Alla Prima". This allows him to grasp the atmosphere, the momentary and passenger effects of sunlight. She paints quickly with bright and spontaneous touches that lend her paintings to a feeling of movement. She also likes trips that are an opportunity to appropriate new landscapes, new lights and colors. More specifically, the sea is for her an inexhaustible source of inspiration. His work tends to humbly pay tribute to the beauty of the world, without trying to go through it. Even in the most familiar environment, you can be touched by the sublime. The intimate dialogue with the landscape makes it sensitive to its infinite variations and vibrations. Anne Baudequin endeavors day after day to transcribe with as much accuracy as possible her subtle nuances. "Beyond the simple representation, I seek to express my wonder in front of the constantly renewed spectacle of nature."

Selected Works

Nuages sur la mer

Paintings - 89x130 cm

Vagues en Bretagne

Paintings - 108x162 cm

Cheval au pré, neige

Paintings - 50x73 cm

Neuf mai , le bord de la loire

Paintings - 60x90 cm

Colline au soleil couchant

Paintings - 50x73 cm

Étang de la plaine en hiver

Paintings - 60x92 cm

Rochers sur les bords de loire

Paintings - 60x81 cm

Rivière à l'ombre des bois

Paintings - 81x116 cm

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