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Zeynep Perinçek


The works of Zeynep Perinçek are on the border of the figurative and the abstract. Among them, we recognize landscapes, vegetable, mineral and animal silhouettes. An empirical artistic approach Born in 1970 in Ankara in Turkey, Zeynep Perinçek lives and works in Marseille in France. The artist practices his art in an intuitive, sensory approach, which feeds on experimentation. From this empirical journey arise from works, sometimes bordering on abstraction, in which we guess plant, mineral or cloud states. Others, more figurative, illustrate mountainous landscapes, forest or sometimes exotic animals. Thus, his works invite us to enter a natural and poetic universe that stimulates our imagination! An artist carried by chance Zeynep Perinçek works with color, material, imprint and is guided by chance and accident. In his plastic creations, the artist likes to mix different techniques, such as painting, collage, engraving and print. She superimposes these materials to create these works with unique and natural effects.

Selected Works

Un par un - 2

Prints - 80x64 cm

Un par un - 3

Prints - 67x55 cm

Un par un - 1

Prints - 93x73 cm


Prints - 70x50 cm

Refaire le monde-9

Prints - 65x50 cm

Refaire le monde-8

Prints - 114x146 cm

Partiellement nuageux-9

Sculpture - 10x10 cm

Partiellement nuageux-8

Sculpture - 10x20 cm

Partiellement nuageux-2

Sculpture - 10x10 cm

Partiellement nuageux-4

Sculpture - 10x10 cm

Sans titre 87

Paintings - 35x25 cm

Refaire le monde 6

Paintings - 146x114 cm

Refaire le monde 4

Prints - 65x50 cm

Refaire le monde 2

Prints - 65x50 cm

Refaire le monde 1

Prints - 50x65 cm

Sans titre 86

Prints - 36x25 cm

Sans titre 85

Prints - 50x40 cm

Sans titre 84

Prints - 50x40 cm

Bestiaire 4

Prints - 50x33 cm

Bestiaire 3

Prints - 40x35 cm

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