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Nathalie Leverger


It is through a fortuitous discovery of painting that Nathalie Leverger decides to devote herself entirely to art. His sensations and observations, the starting point of his creation, allow him a prolific and materialist work which takes us to the discovery of a lyrical landscape. A hazardous discovery of painting in 1966, Nathalie Leverger spent her childhood at the Légué in Legue The coasts of Armor. From the paternal branch, it inherits a passion for the sea, the light, the horizon and the expanses while the maternal side brings it a practice of seam and needles. Diplôme in 1989 of Audencia, school of business From Nantes, she discovers the painting in 2000 at random from a box of oils that she is offered at Christmas. If the revelation is immediate, it takes three years to question its professional situation within a large distribution group to devote itself exclusively to art. Freedom and experimentation as a guideline & nbsp; during its excursions In nature, in the city, she photographs what surrounds her and then recomposes her productions starting from the sensations that she has felt. It is very often the detail of an object, a material, a smell, or even a color that is initially a study. Prolific artist, she then develops this work in paints in oil, in textile or paper volumes, photographs, artists and books objects, installations ... It is her work on patterns and accumulations, leaving room for "accidents », Which allows him to experiment in complete freedom. & Nbsp; a poetic vision of the landscaped landscaped, cut, model, glue, knitting and destroying without asking the question of the artistic genre. She cultivates her self -taught status to assert her freedom to do, in a fairly raw and instinctive material process. Its clean oils, its hooked cotton traps, its origami installations, make up a poetic universe of which we retain a certain duality around the notions of power and delicacy. It is her poetic vision of the landscape that she seeks to tell us. If in 2011 meets with Paule Elisabeth Oddéro, poet, leads her to widen her plastic practice on paper and textiles. Nathalie LEGERGER is one of the 10 women's favorite women of KAZOART

Selected Works

Les blés

Paintings - 136x136 cm

Rue du pré d'avril

Paintings - 27x22 cm

violettes F8 (46X38cm)

Paintings - 50x42 cm

Chemin fleuri

Paintings - 82x82 cm

Nénuphars 2

Paintings - 34x28 cm

Nénuphars 1 24x30cm

Paintings - 34x28 cm

Prairie suspendue

Sculpture - 58x22 cm

Nasses et filets du monde

Paintings - 32x32 cm

Herbe peignée fond jaune

Paintings - 15x20 cm

Ouessant la côte, herbe peignée

Paintings - 150x150 cm

Baie des mulets

Paintings - 100x150 cm

Grands laminaires

Paintings - 147x192 cm

Petits laminaires bleus 1

Paintings - 65x54 cm

Laminaires 2

Paintings - 65x54 cm

Laminaires tondo

Paintings - 40x40 cm


Paintings - 70x70 cm

Laminaires et oiseau rose

Paintings - 97x130 cm

Laminaires 3

Paintings - 130x97 cm

Laminaires 100x70cm

Paintings - 70x100 cm

Laminaires fond rouge

Paintings - 72x52 cm

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