Peterson's meditative paintings combine dynamic colors, natural shapes, and fluid line work. Having undergone two life-threatening brain surgeries earlier in her life, she found her soul’s purpose in her art. Peterson's paintings examine art's restorative properties through allusive figuration, gestural line work, organic forms, and colors derived from nature.

As the figuration appears and disappears within the canvas's shapes and gestural movements, the composition flows from visual memory and is slow to reveal itself. Evoking a meditative experience, she is acutely focused, making split-second decisions. It's an intense journey.

Her sensibility is informed by her art education from The University of Connecticut and The Corcoran College of Art + Design. Peterson exhibits internationally. In the past 10 years, her collector base has grown significantly, as has her work with interior designers and it has also lead her to collaborate with Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma Home. In 2021, she launched, a brand of fine-art reproductions of her work.

"Modern-day life produces fatigue, stress, and overstimulation. I think we all need to get away from our usual routine and allow ourselves to feel a part of something greater. My art deliberately draws you in to help improve your mental state and overall well-being. My paintings are like a re-set button." - ME Peterson

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