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      Matthieu van Riel

      Matthieu van Riel is a Dutch abstract landscape painter.
      Matthieu’s compositions explore the light, emptiness, and immateriality of the Dutch landscape.
      Matthieu's paintings stand out for their striking block colours and sense of open, expanding space.

      Matthieu van Riel is an abstract landscape painter. The experienced Dutch artist draws his inspiration from the flower fields, heathlands and polders in the Netherlands and rugged mountainous regions in Scandinavia and the Alps. With immense clarity of colour and spatial exploration, Matthieu composes works that explore the light, emptiness, immateriality and signature flatness of the Dutch landscape.

      Matthieu van Riel's Early Career and Style

      Matthieu studied Painting, Drawing and Monumental Design at the St. Joost Academy of Arts, Breda, the Netherlands. He graduated Cum Laude in 1987. Using photographs and memories of the grandeur of the Dutch landscape as his tools, Matthieu captures the essence of the Scandinavian terrain. Straddling figurative and abstract styles, he reduces and simplifies these panoramic spaces. Using minimal amounts of paint - sticking to bold, block primary colours - and with an artistic language bordering on geometric, Matthieu forms schematic and conceptual meadows of colour and shape on the canvas.

      Exhibitions and Collections

      Matthieu has exhibited his work at the Stedelijk Museum in Breda, the Jan Cunen Museum in Oss, Lisa Norris Gallery in London and at galleries, art institutes and art fairs in the Netherlands and Belgium. His paintings are in several public and private collections in the Netherlands, USA, France, UK, Spain, Germany, China and Italy.

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