Jo Dumpleton

Jo Dumpleton is an emerging figurative draughtsperson.
Jo draws from antique photographs and Victorian miniatures.
Jo takes inspiration from the black and white musical sequences of Busby Berkeley and 18th-century portraiture.

Hertfordshire-based Jo Dumpleton is a figurative draughtsperson. The emerging artist is known for her detailed pencil drawings of discarded family photos and studio portraits - discoveries often uncovered at antique art fairs and markets. These meticulous recreations give observers a glimpse into the lives of anonymous characters. Joe often only reveals snapshots of their bodies, faces or eyes, however, veiling her figures in mystery and awe.

Jo Dumpleton's Early Career and Style

Jo studied Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts, London. Having experimented with various drawing styles, she became absorbed by intricate pencil drawings. Focusing mainly on portraiture, she uses antique photographs as her source material. Jo takes inspiration from 18th-century portrait miniatures and the black and white musical sequences of Busby Berkeley. Mostly made on a small scale, the resulting graphite works are delicately intimate and hauntingly realistic.

Exhibitions and Awards

Recent online shows include Purslane, Project Papyrophilia, and Mothflower, all 2021. Jo has also recently been shortlisted for the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize.

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