Krista V Allenstein

Wisconsin-based Krista V Allenstein recreates old neon signposts using oil paint, illustration and vintage road maps.
Krista instils new purpose into discarded gems, restoring rusting emblems of former American motel and liquor stores, diners and drive-in theatres.
Krista is involved in nature conservation projects and partnerships such as Artservancy (2019-2020).

Wisconsin-based artist Krista V Allenstein is known for her bright and illustrative drawings of signs. Born in 1973 in Columbus, Ohio, United States, Krista recreates old roadside signboards and placards with a positive spin. Playing with poetic and welcoming words, Krista rewrites history - replacing social and cultural restriction, prejudice and isolation with encouragement, opportunity and connection.

Krista V Allenstein’s Inspiration & Style

Krista is fascinated by the once brilliantly coloured and boldly shaped signposts of mainland US and how they stand out, like beacons of light and hope, in often unremarkable and endless landscapes. Her realistic oil paintings and drawings, highly influenced by cartography and graphic in style, serve as a way to both preserve these signs from the past and fill them with new, progressive meaning. Piloted by her proud collection of vintage furniture and keepsakes, a lucky dip of old treasures, Krista takes maps saved from the 1940s and 50s and uses them as the foundation of her art. The artist holds a BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York, United States.

Exhibitions & Projects

Krista has taken part in several solo and group exhibitions across the USA, including the Wisconsin Artist Biennial (2020) at the Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend, USA, and the Lakefront Festival of Art (2020). Recently, Krista was involved in ArtServancy (2019-2020), a unique collaborative project between Galley 224, Port Washington, USA, and the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust (OWLT). The programme showcases the work of twelve talented artists who have each elected an OWLT Nature Preserve with which to engage.

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