Paul O Robinson


Robinson grew up on the Atlantic coast of North Florida amongst a family of taxidermists and concert and circus musicians. He began his university education in music theory and composition. Rather than perusing music he served a traditional five-year apprenticeship with a master pattern-maker and opened his design studio within which he began to develop work that would direct him again to university in art and architecture. The intersection of artistic process and architectural design suggested alternative ways to practice and to teach. Robinson has been actively teaching and maintaining his studio since 2000. In 2009 he moved to Slovenia where he focused on developing entirely new work that excavated existing environments using X-Ray technology. Often with the X-Ray as a substrate, he developed processes to transform both two and three-dimensional artifacts into individual artworks—radiographs, paintings and sculptures—and installations. Each artwork emerges as a material correspondence with the spaces and objects Robinson explores. All works have their own individual narrative and material language. His work is a painstakingly personal journey and has not until 10 years ago been offered to the public realm. Robinson's work has been exhibited in Museums and galleries in the US and Italy, in particular, Venice. His work is in collections in Europe and the USA. Currently he is working with Venice’s Fortuny Museum on a long-term project that will be exhibited in 2020.

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