Artist Interviews

Read artist interviews featuring some of the most exciting established and emerging figures in the art world. Our conversations with contemporary artists get to the heart of what makes them tick, exploring the development of their style, their inspirations and the stories behind their recent work. Discover our artist interviews to get to know the people whose works that you can browse and buy in our online store.

Our top artist interviews

One of our most popular recent interviews was a talk with Nelson Makamo, a South African painter and winner of 2018’s Rise Art Prize known for his expressive portraits. Our conversation with Kelvin Okafor, who creates intricate photorealistic pencil portraits, dove into his unique fusion of the technical and the conceptual. You may also enjoy our interview with Fred Ingrams, in which he discusses both his technical process and what drew him to start painting the Fens.

Interviews you won’t want to miss

Among our contemporary artist interviews, you will find our Q&A with Philip Vaughan, author of the landmark 48ft-tall Light Tower which graced the London skyline from 1972 to 2008. You can read about the machinations and motivations driving rising star Anna Sofie Jesperson. Our interview with Mark Chadwick may also be of interest, where the colour master shines a light on the inspiration behind his vibrant abstract paintings.

Art in the Hospital: 3 questions with the expert

We ask Anna Matthams, Visual Arts Officer at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, three questions about the importance of a creative presence in hospitals

New Street Art by ROA

Belgian street artist ROA has been bringing his abstract, pen-stroke, monochromatic depictions of animals to all corners of the globe. The graffitist claims he “wanted to draw attention to how [the animals] and many other species become a victim of hunting and pollution." Indeed, ROA’s works are often accompanied by an environmental narrative that highlights the unrelenting, man-made world animals are forced to live in.

Richard Walker: Rip It Up & Start Again

Sandra Higgins is pleased to present, Rip It Up and Start Again, a sneak preview show featuring the iconic works of the British artist Richard Walker. Walker’s work successfully transports its viewers back to the wild anarchic spirit of ‘punk’ only moments away from where it all erupted on the Kings Road. Rise Art asks Richard 3 questions.

Spotlight on our Artist: Abigail Box

Abigail's painting process is currently concerned with using methods that encourage her to move away from focusing predominately on content. She has been choosing images which have strong areas of colour or tone and then projecting them up onto canvas and painting over the projection. Abigail tells us about what spurs and how she develops her ideas.

Art on the Map: Sheung Wan

This week we speak to Tanya (aka Pirate) Bennett, Co-Gallery Director of The Cat Street Gallery, regarding the Art Scene in Sheung Wan and what herself, Mandy d'Abo and those other guys at The Cat Street get up to on a normal day.

Spotlight on Our Artist: Kevin Dutton

Kevin Dutton has been living and working in London as a fashion and more recently botanical photographer for over 20 years. Dutton’s attributes his fascination with plants to their natural beauty, complexity and elegance. He is concerned with the ways in which natural forms can be objectified to create semi abstract images; take the plant away from its context and its structure, and the subject’s beauty takes on a whole new persona.

5 Questions with Delphine Lebourgeois

In light of Delphine Lebourgeois' prospective exhibition at Brixton East, Fall, Rise Art interviews the artist, making enquiries into the story behind the 'Army-like' groups of women that flood Delphine's artwork to the ways in which her work alludes to the obsessional nature of the creative process.

10 questions with Megan Piper

Megan Piper, 28, is a gallerist and co-founder of The Piper Gallery. We quiz her on her dress sense, the weirdest thing that's ever happened to her at a private view and her aspirations for the Piper Gallery in 5 years time.

In the Studio with Charlotte Evans

A prolonged trip to Asia marked a change in the paintings Charlotte made. Disorientated by a world in parts so recognisable but wholly unknown, she looked for what she might recognise; interactions between people and their worlds. Charlotte tells us a bit about her drawing process.

An Audience with Patricia Poullain

Irish-French artist Patricia Poullain, whose work is said to represent both East and West, was diverted from her interest in theatre as the result of a prolonged stay in Korea, where she studied with the Korean painter, Lee Se Duk. Patricia talks to us on geometrics, hard edges and being the grandmother of The Darkness' Frankie Poullain.