Artist Interviews

Read artist interviews featuring some of the most exciting established and emerging figures in the art world. Our conversations with contemporary artists get to the heart of what makes them tick, exploring the development of their style, their inspirations and the stories behind their recent work. Discover our artist interviews to get to know the people whose works that you can browse and buy in our online store.

Our top artist interviews

One of our most popular recent interviews was a talk with Nelson Makamo, a South African painter and winner of 2018’s Rise Art Prize known for his expressive portraits. Our conversation with Kelvin Okafor, who creates intricate photorealistic pencil portraits, dove into his unique fusion of the technical and the conceptual. You may also enjoy our interview with Fred Ingrams, in which he discusses both his technical process and what drew him to start painting the Fens.

Interviews you won’t want to miss

Among our contemporary artist interviews, you will find our Q&A with Philip Vaughan, author of the landmark 48ft-tall Light Tower which graced the London skyline from 1972 to 2008. You can read about the machinations and motivations driving rising star Anna Sofie Jesperson. Our interview with Mark Chadwick may also be of interest, where the colour master shines a light on the inspiration behind his vibrant abstract paintings.

Spin Me Beautiful

Mark Chadwick makes colourful, psychedelic, spun paintings that breathe a life of their own, both online and off. He’s the first in our #ModernMarketers series of interviews with some of Rise Art’s most popular artists in real life and on digital, and the internet just can’t get enough of him.

Eleanor Cunningham Takes Us into The Dark, And Shows Us the Light

In an age where digital photography is the name of the game, and the development process has somewhat lost its charm, Eleanor Cunningham is a photographer with a difference. We sat down with Eleanor to find out more about how these works come into being, and what the dark room means to her.

The Decisive Moment, with Pedro Correa

Pedro Correa is a fine art photographer with a difference. With a recent solo show in London, and a portfolio just launched on Rise Art, we decided to sit down with him and find out more about his work, and this elusive thing he terms the decisive moment.

All About Alexandra

We caught up with surreal artist Alexandra Gallagher after her busy month working on the first annual all female street art project: Blackburn Open Walls. Alexandra takes us behind the scenes sharing her journey to becoming an artist, and how she spends her time making wonderful works of art.

5 Questions With Robert Hind

Photographer and painter Robert Hind uses the delicate process of gold leaf to create elegant, iridescent artworks capturing isolated tree formations. We took a sneak-peek at his studio to check out how he makes each piece!

5 Questions With Cody Choi

We sat down with dancer, choreographer and photographer Cody Choi to ask him 5 questions about how he fell into the world of art and the things that inspire him every day.

Q&A with Vesa Kivinen

Experimental artist Vesa Kivinen pioneered 'Artevo': a new form of art combining body painting, oil on canvas and nature photography. We caught up with the artist just after his most recent exhibit at the Biohacker Summit in London, quizzing him about upcoming projects and the inspiration behind his works...

A Studio Visit With Nick Malone

Painter, poet and author Nick Malone recently hosted an exclusive studio visit evening in association with Rise Art. Inviting us into his studio, we heard all about his career as an artist, and the inspiration behind his various projects. I was fortunate enough to quiz the artist in a private moment before the guests and designers arrived...

London City Airport Commission: Gerry Buxton

To commemorate the recent sale of London City Airport, printmaker Gerry Buxton was commissioned to create a screen print capturing the airport in all its glory. A limited edition run of 30 prints are now available to buy online!

One to Watch: Krista Kim

Exhibiting in New York at the Guy Hepner gallery where her work has also just been on auction, recently interviewed by The Huffington Post, and named one of the most trending artists of the moment... Krista Kim is definitely one to watch. We showcase some of her works, and give you a little inspiration on styling an interior to match one of these beautiful pieces!