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Among our top news stories of 2021 so far, you can learn about contemporary LGBTQ+ artists embracing diversity and celebrating queerness through their art. Alternatively, you can stay up to date with international showcases with reports such as our exhibitions to kick-off a new decade.

The African Contemporary Art Outlook for 2015

Julie Taylor from Guns & Rain gives us the insight on what to look forward to in African Art this 2015.

Top 6 Exhibitions to See This 2015

Rise Art prepares you for the New Year with a list of the top 6 gallery exhibitions to see this 2015.

5 Artist Picks from the 1:54 African Contemporary Art Fair

African contemporary art is certainly coming of age, underscored by the success of the recent 1:54 art fair in London. It is a vast continent with a wide array of contemporary art but here are 5 African artists to keep an eye on, and to inspire some African collecting!

The Memorable Rhythm Performances by Marina Ambrović

It's Marina Ambrovic's birthday week and what better way to celebrate it other than celebrating her!

Kevin's Duttons 'Allium' Print Has Been Selected by Apple

Kevin's stunning 'Allium' print has been selected by Apple as a downloadable wallpaper for iOS 7 and 8 for iPhone.

Top 5 Most Expensive Paintings Ever Auctioned

How can one decide the value of a painting? Is it by the materials used? The amount of time dedicated to the piece? Could it be due to the importance of its previous owner's? Below we have a list of the top 5 most expensive artworks ever auctioned without adjusting the prices due to inflation.

An Insiders Perspective: 5 things from Frieze

Anthony Fawcett, art sponsorship and media consultant, columnist, critic and Rise Art insider talks to us about his week at Frieze, from Candy to EY and the fact that young collectors are most likely to be found at Frieze Masters than at the Frieze tent.

10 Curators You Should Know About from Hans-Ulrich Obrist to Glenn D. Lowry

Keeping up-to-date with goings-on in the world of curatorial moguls can be difficult. Their roles have begun to overtake that of the artist in the art world rat race, so here we bring you an article letting you know about the 10 most important and influential today.

Top Design Stories This Week

We bring you the most shareable, pinnable, interesting art & design stories of the week.

Top Design Stories This Week

We bring you the latest stories in art and design from the past week.