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Among our top news stories of 2021 so far, you can learn about contemporary LGBTQ+ artists embracing diversity and celebrating queerness through their art. Alternatively, you can stay up to date with international showcases with reports such as our exhibitions to kick-off a new decade.

The SheerLuxe Picks

After our Q&A with Georgie, we were intrigued to see what her top Art picks from Rise Art would be...

Q&A with Sheerluxe's Georgie Coleridge Cole

Georgie Coleridge Cole is the Founder and Editor of - an online lifestyle magazine featuring news and views on the latest and most desirable fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle products, brands and goods on offer. Rise Art wanted to quiz the editor on her approach to Art, find out how she uses it within her own home and what she thought of our curated, online gallery.

Rise Art | Financial Times

Rise Art was recently featured in The Financial Times. The article titled, 'Something borrowed: the growing industry of art leasing' looks into the world of rented art.

The Abigail Box Timelapse Film

A timelapse film charting the creation of 'A Deep and Gathering Roar' by Rise Art artist, Abigail Box.

Artists Not to Miss Now Through June

Our quasi-monthly exhibitions round up focuses on the best bets for who to see and where to see them.

Rise Art | Forbes

There has been a lot of research into the difference an inspiring workplace can have on employee productivity; a recent study by the Cass Business School showed 80% of those questioned felt that art in the workplace improved their sense of well-being, whilst 64% agreed that it made them feel more motivated. Given that artwork can increase productivity, it makes financial sense too. Managers are increasingly looking for ways to keep their star performers happy.

Happy Birthday Salvador Dali

Rise Art insider Katherine Mellor writes about the luminous surrealist painter, Salvador Dalí.

From Paper to Weave: William Kentridge’s Tapestries Return to South Africa

Have a glimpse into this stunning exhibition, as Julie Taylor of Guns & Rain, sits down with Fiona Rankin Smith, Special Projects Curator, Wits Art Museum, to talk about her experiences of hosting, in her words, this “important and magnificent” exhibition.

The African Contemporary Art Outlook for 2015

Julie Taylor from Guns & Rain gives us the insight on what to look forward to in African Art this 2015.

Top 6 Exhibitions to See This 2015

Rise Art prepares you for the New Year with a list of the top 6 gallery exhibitions to see this 2015.