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Among our top news stories of 2021 so far, you can learn about contemporary LGBTQ+ artists embracing diversity and celebrating queerness through their art. Alternatively, you can stay up to date with international showcases with reports such as our exhibitions to kick-off a new decade.

Rob Ryan releases latest Paper Cut series

UK Artist Rob Ryan's work now available on Rise Art

Incredible Time Lapse Painting

Amy Shackleton paints paints representational works using a drip technique usually used in abstract art.

Guest Curator: FAD Magazine's Mark Westall

Art is expensive... Why not rent it? The founder of FAD Magazine Mark Westall picks his favourite art from our latest collection, and shares his thoughts on art rental.

The Rubber Road of Russia

Fast Track allows it's commuters to hope, skip and jump their way to work.

National Geographic Photography Contest 2012

Each year the National Geographic Photography Contest showcases a string of inspiring photography from all over the world. Here is the pick of our favorites

German Artist Creates Bobble Eyed Street Art

Is that a trash can cookie monster... Or are my eyes deceiving me? These brilliant works from Timm Schneider impress in their simplicity

Rise Art Rentals | Evening Standard Homes & Property

An online gallery offering a flexible 'art rentals' service allows buyers to see what works on their walls before investing

London's Curling Bridge

Nestled away in Londons paddington is a gem of hidden architecture...

Video Pick: Graffiti animation by BLU

International Graffiti artist BLU's fantastic "wall based animation".

City Life: Artists impressions of urban life

Since the dawn of industrialisation, artists have reflected on life in urban centres, from Edward Hopper's Nighthawks to Whistler's etchings of the Thames.