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Discover art exhibitions featuring some of the most inspiring and established figures in the arts industry. For a healthy dose of culture, find out about upcoming art shows taking place online and across the globe, and plan to get your next creativity fix with the latest exhibition dates. On top of that, find reviews of shows starring artworks you can adore and explore in our online store.

Top Art Exhibitions

Learn about the most popular recent exhibitions in London city and online. With the gallery landscape evolving to match an increasingly virtual world, explore top online exhibitions to see from galleries with the slickest viewing rooms and offerings from exciting artists. Looking for shows overseas? Stay au courant with our latest reports on the global visual arts agenda. You will find the best international art fairs in LA, for example, as well as Tokyo, New York and beyond.

Art Exhibitions you won’t want to miss

Among the most famous art expositions of late, read about Photo Brut, an exhibition currently showing at The American Folk Art Museum in Lincoln Square, New York. The show tracks the ever-evolving medium of photography in modern and contemporary art, presenting a lively cocktail of realism, fantasy, intimacy and wickedness. If public exhibitions are of interest, you may also wish to read about the best city art displays to visit.

Balloon Rooms by William Forsythe

German artist William Forsythe creates Scattered Crowd. An art installation which channels a utopian, dreamlike, fairy-tale-esque landscape. Until that is, someone pops a balloon.

Rosalind Davis: To The Light

RCA alumni Rosalind Davis sheds light (pardon the pun) on her exhibition 'To The Light' and discusses three of her pieces in a little more detail...

Video Pick: Patrick Caulfield and Gary Hume

Art historian Rosie Rockel, speaks to the curators of these two Tate Britain shows exploring the work of two complementary British painters who love colour and lashings of paint.

Anthropocene: In Retrospective

Stephen Walter answers our questions and shares photos from his acclaimed and highly successful exhibition Anthropocene.

Peter Blake: Four Decades

Godfather of British Pop Art, Sir Peter Blake exhibits a collection of prints, chosen by himself, at the Chelsea Futurespace.

Frank's Cafe & Bar

Peckham's Multiplex Cinema hosts Bold Tendencies' unique and conceptual Cafe/Bar at the peak of its multi-story car park.

Joe Webb: Pulp Friction

Collage artist Joe Webb, exclusive to CCA and in partnership with Rise Art, exhibits at Hang up Gallery. We give our members an insight into his work.


Described by Saatchi online as a 'one-to watch painter,' French artist, Héloïse Delègue's work explores the conflict between man-kind and his natural environment, yet aims to relate to each individual on an intimate level.

Paint: Alive and Kicking

It’s not dead, it’s not even having a nap. Charlie Levine assesses the energy of the newest crop of painters to come out of the UK’s art colleges for the Tuesday List.


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