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Discover art exhibitions featuring some of the most inspiring and established figures in the arts industry. For a healthy dose of culture, find out about upcoming art shows taking place online and across the globe, and plan to get your next creativity fix with the latest exhibition dates. On top of that, find reviews of shows starring artworks you can adore and explore in our online store.

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Learn about the most popular recent exhibitions in London city and online. With the gallery landscape evolving to match an increasingly virtual world, explore top online exhibitions to see from galleries with the slickest viewing rooms and offerings from exciting artists. Looking for shows overseas? Stay au courant with our latest reports on the global visual arts agenda. You will find the best international art fairs in LA, for example, as well as Tokyo, New York and beyond.

Art Exhibitions you won’t want to miss

Among the most famous art expositions of late, read about Photo Brut, an exhibition currently showing at The American Folk Art Museum in Lincoln Square, New York. The show tracks the ever-evolving medium of photography in modern and contemporary art, presenting a lively cocktail of realism, fantasy, intimacy and wickedness. If public exhibitions are of interest, you may also wish to read about the best city art displays to visit.

Styling with art: Marble

This week, we take a look at how to style with a marble artwork. Chris Mitton's sculpture 'Brick' is hand carved from the same marble favoured by the masters. Now, when using marble, we can run the risk of making a room look like it belongs in a Greek restaurant, but between Chris's tounge-in-cheek work and making sure you keep things fun and playful, there's no need.

Rise Art has been featured in Living Etc

On a piece about design ideas, Living Etc mentions our rent before you buy service and our great array of paintings and prints.

Styling with Art: Cartography

This week, we focus on styling a room around art that's just a little bit more complicated and detailed, cartography. We chose a piece from Stephen Walter, London Subterranea, as our subject due to its wonderful detail. It may feel intimidating to try and style around such detailed work, or even overwhelming but beleive us - it's actually so much fun. They key is to look to the colours in the peice, pick them out create and simplicity around it.

Styling with art: Cut-outs

Using Kristin Gaudio-Endsley's painting, 'The Shirt' as a spring board for this weeks room, we focus on summer trend, cut-outs. An abstract artist influenced by organic and manmade patterns and colours found in both internal and external environments, Kristin's works ask the viewer to participate in interpretation. Cut-outs beg to be interpreted but in terms of styling, we thought that we'd chose pieces that call back to it, imitate the palate and let the work speak for itself.

Styling with art: Architecture

This week we concentrate on architecture. We've chosen Cuboid N°01 by Slavomir Zombek as a starting point. While it may not be a piece of, or indeed about, architecture itself, the mixed media element and bold architectural shape made it a perfect work to go by. After all, with art as in life, a concept doesn't always need to be taken literally.

2 lovely gays 10 favourites from Rise Art

One from Brum, one from the shires, both obsessed with good design. Finding each other in the big city where a mutual love of all things interiors was born. From designing textiles and making one-off lamps to renovating a 20 bedroom Georgian townhouse, complementing each other's skills to take on any challenge. Jordan and Russel believe that each individual element of a room should have its own voice and speak about you in some way. Here's their pick of 10 vocal pieces on Rise Art.

Styling with Art: Moroccan

Inspired by the short lived Summer we experienced earlier this week, we decided our 'styling with art theme' would be Morocco. The sun-drenched purples and ochres in 'Inishkeas,' meant the limited edition silkscreen print by Scottish abstract artist Barbara Rae CBE RA, was perfect.

Styling with Art: Bright Colours by Tiffany Grant-Riley

Super Future Kid’s ‘Slobber Song’ is without doubt a statement piece. It’s playful, off-the-wall (if you’ll excuse the pun) and a real talking point. If it made a sound, it’d be a Basement Jaxx classic with just as much energy-perfect for a workspace or studio. Make it the focal point of the room set against a crisp, white wall. I paired it with updated design classics, objects with clean lines and block primary colours with a subtle nod towards the 80s.

10 picks from the interior designer: Aiveen Daly

Cork-born Aiveen Daly has lived in Moscow, St Petersburg and Sydney before moving to London in 1998. She subsequently moved to Expedia as UK Marketing Manager running several multi million pound advertising campaigns. Aiveen now operates an Upholstery & Design business from her studio in North West London. Here she offers high end upholstery services and creates bespoke commissions. These are her Top 10 picks from Rise Art and where to place them in your home

5 Pieces of Art and How to Place Them in Your Home

Growing up in London’s Notting Hill, Liza Evans' passion for design was cultivated by her surroundings, as unique objects and family heirlooms were the backdrop of her childhood. Liza is proud to be named as one of the "Best 20 Interior Designers in Britain" by The Telegraph newspaper and here she cherry picks 5 pieces from Rise Art, elaborating on what kind of interior design to pair them with.