Styling with Art: Blogger Luphia Loves takes over

Posted in Out of the Studio by Charlotte Broomfield on 18th August 2014

Interiors and style blogger Luphia Loves takes over our Styling with Art column this week. She talks about the importance of a bold painting to pair with neutral furniture and uses a large original oil on canvas painting by Andy Allen as her inspiration.
A great way to inject style and sophistication into your home is to place a large piece of art on one of your blank walls, it creates a great focal point, offers an interesting topic for house guests and is also an easy and safe way to introduce bold colours to an otherwise neutral decor. 
The room above is a perfect example of how you can achieve this. Most of us are more comfortable with neutral furniture, try add a bold coloured painting above the sofa, the result is a refreshing new vibe transforming your living room. The art hunt is made easier with, with hundreds of art pieces covering all the styles you can think of, you'll be sure to find something that is just "you".

Andy Allen
Mission Impossible

This 2.4m x 1.8m oil on canvas painting by Andy Allen is impressive in style and size

{Clockwise 1. Painting by Andy Allen via; 2. Side tables from; 3. Rug at 4. Sofa by 5. Cushions from Habitat

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