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Curated Collection: Reminiscent of David Hockney

To celebrate The Arrival of Spring, Normandy, David Hockney's latest exhibition which is currently on at the Royal Academy of Arts, we've put together a collection of works that remind us of the British artist's distinctive style.

By Rise Art | 23 Jul 2021

The Reminiscent of David Hockney collection is a celebration of the iconic artist, featuring contemporary artists working with similar techniques and aesthetics. The collection includes limited edition Hockney-esque work, ranging from poolside scenes of Californian living, to figurative portraits and colourful still lives

Explore the Reminiscent of David Hockney collection and discover Christo Sharpe's bold and sparse landscapes, Kirsten Lilford's warm and atmospheric interior scenes, and Maria Magenta's intimate and observant portraits.


Christo Sharpe

Kentish Garden by Christo Sharpe


Darting between a figurative and abstract style, Christo Sharpe's paintings distil elements, colours and details within landscapes. Whether focusing in on the angular shapes to be found in architecture, or saturating the colours of flowers, Christo's rich palette and soft approach to oil painting echoes Hockney's observations of rural landscapes and remote settings. 


 Bianca MacCall

Fondazione Prada by Bianca MacCall


Bianca MacCall's prints and paintings are a reflection of her relationship with her surroundings, everyday life and architecture. With a realistic and observant style, Bianca focuses primarily on the way light, form, structure and composition interact. In work such as Fondazione Prada and Justice Centre Bianca's technical skill in capturing reflections echoes Hockney's poolside paintings from the 60s.  


Maria Magenta

Portrait of actress by Maria Magenta


Maria Magenta's portraits have a distinct calmness about them, in which her sitters appear quiet, yet engaged with the viewer. Some portraits are more intimate than others, where a direct exchange seems to be taking place, whilst others seem less posed, instead distilling an 'inbetween' moment onto the canvas. Maria's style of portraiture has a similar sense of ease to Hockney, and both artists break down the formal aspects traditionally associated with the genre. 

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