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The Best Art Podcasts to be Listening to Right Now

Discover great art podcasts from our recommendation and keep up to date on the latest hot topics in the artworld.

By Tatty Martin | 24 Jun 2021

Art and culture podcasts are the perfect way to immerse yourself in the news of the artworld – listen to some of your favourite artists in conversation, and hear about new and upcoming projects, exhibitions and events. However, as with everything nowadays, the choice is overwhelming, especially when you’re after something specific.

Whether you’ve been an avid listener of podcasts for years, you started listening during lockdown, or you’re still a podcast sceptic in search of something specific, discover our recommended art podcasts and find your new favourite thing to listen to.


Talk Art

Talk Art on Spotify


Talk Art is a frequent favourite among art lovers, museum-goers, and those who are just looking for good conversations to plug into. Hosted by gallerist Robert Diament and actor Russell Tovey, Talk Art instantly breaks down the boundaries of how we should talk about art, instead taking an open, relaxed and ever-inquisitive approach.

With guests ranging from Laurie Anderson to Tracey Emin, it’s no wonder that Talk Art has firmly held on to its place at the top of the charts for nearly three years. 


The Great Women Artists Podcast

The Great Women Artists Podcast


Hosted by curator and art historian Katy Hessel, The Great Women Artists Podcast is unlike any other podcast out there. In an industry that for so long did not give women visibility, let alone a platform, this podcast spotlights women who spotlight other women.

The fascinating links between artists, poets, designers, musicians and makers show how necessary it is to have a space reserved for women’s voices, and just how much more needs to be done to raise women up in the creative industries.


Art Laughs

Art Laughs on Spotify


Art Laughs is the breath of fresh air that art and culture podcasts have long been missing. Hosted by our very own assistant curator Verity Babbs, the podcast provides a space for honest and humorous conversations about art with some of the UK’s funniest people.

Art Laughs started off as a YouTube series and has now made its way to the world of podcasts. In each episode, Verity asks her guests to discuss an artwork of her choosing and, in the way all good conversations do, the podcast embraces a relaxed and conversational tone, all the while demystifying the art world. 


Ministry of Arts

Ministry of Arts


Ministry of Arts was set up to run virtual and pop-up exhibitions that would raise money for various charities, whilst ensuring that all artists were fully paid for their work. Still very much an artist-led initiative, Ministry of Arts has now evolved into a multi-faceted platform, one of which is a podcast. 

The Ministry of Arts podcast is hosted by friend of Rise Art, and part of our Curator’s Wishlist series, Gary Mansfield. In each episode, Gary talks to artists that range from comedians to dealers, and from emerging to world-renowned. Instantly putting his guests at ease with his refreshing take on contemporary art going ons, Gary has nurtured a podcast that is both inclusive and instantly captivating.


The Artfully Podcast

The Artfully Podcast on Spotify


Hosted by artist Elizabeth Power and writer Jessie Hillcox, The Artfully Podcast takes on recent news from the artworld, and discusses stories throughout art history. Taking the form of a conversation between two friends, The Artfully Podcast is conversational and informative, promoting the discussion of the arts in day-to-day conversations.

Find out about the best exhibitions happening throughout the UK, artworld hacks, and learn more about the intersection between art, climate, politics and more with The Artfully Podcast.


Curating Conversation

Curating Conversation


Curating Conversation is a podcast from The Rafiki Gallery and hosted by one of our Curator’s Wishlist features, Leo Sartain. In each episode, Leo chats to a different guest about their experiences working within the creative industry. 

From DJs and Professors, to artists and auctioneers, Leo’s guests bring different perspectives to light, inviting open discussions and sharing the many different ways art affects us all. 


Secrets of the Art Business

Secrets of The Art Business on Spotify


Secrets of the Art Business is a podcast hosted by Daniela Duppen, aka The Blonde Art Dealer. Daniela is an art advisor and writer, and in each episode she talks to a different guest about artworld phenomenons, news, fairs and advice. 

In a recent episode, Daniela spoke to our curator, Phin Jennings, about the best ways for artists to present their work in front of curators and also online. Secrets of the Art Business is a podcast for artists, creative professionals and anyone curious to know more about the workings of the art world. 


Chats with Artists in Lockdown

Chats with Artists in Lockdown on Spotify


Chats with Artists in Lockdown is a podcast where artists discuss how the past year and a half has impacted their work. In each episode, host and artist Emma Cousin is joined by other artists, and they share their thoughts, learnings and strategies for creating art during such uncertain times.

Although Chats with Artists in Lockdown started as a result of the pandemic, it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere, and instead shows just how vital it is for artists to openly discuss how the changing state of the world can affect artistic practice.

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