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5 Hygge Artworks for Your Home

Beautiful art is the best way to bring hygge to your home. Explore 8 hygge-full artworks to help you create a warm, inviting home interior.

By Teddy Hall | 22 Nov 2016

Hygge art is consistent with the Danish and Norwegian word for a warm, cosy, comforting atmosphere, best shared with your closest friends and family. It's also the interiors trend sweeping the world. But rather than a physical state, the true meaning of 'hygge' describes a psychological feeling, holding all your needs in balance.

And what better way to create an environment like that than with art? Here are our favourite Hygge artworks to help you bring some Scandinavian-style comfort home, and a collection of winter warming pieces to help you create the perfect atmosphere for the cosy months ahead.



This beautiful depiction of the wildness of Sindri imbues the spirit of freedom, pride and regal majesty. Its balanced composition and use of negative space means it stands out within a comfy, snug space, bringing a sense of warmth and emotion from an evocative piece. The pared back monotone colour palette means that it also sets surrounding objects with a touch of colour alight. This one will add a true sense of strength and harmony to your home.


Tracy White Fitzgerald

Left: Cast a Light

Right: Pot Plant

Small artworks are a versatile addition to any home. Frame and prop a piece like this on the mantel to accompany a cosy fireplace, or place it in a forgotten corner of the room to draw the eye outwards and illuminate the space. Tracy White Fitzgerald’s minimal paintings appear as small windows into cosy dwellings. Her works capture a universal sense of home, place and belonging, and are a great way to add some Hygge to your space.


A Map of ShakespeARE'S LONDON, Mychael BarrAtt

Mychael Barratt’s imaginative prints reference well known characters and scenes from fairy tales and literature, adding a touch of both the fantastical and the familiar.  We all know that the father of fairy tales himself Hans Christian Anderson came from Denmark, and it’s no coincidence that the feeling of comfort derived from these stories is a huge part of the feeling of hygge. Barratt’s warm, playful depictions of maps, animals and landmarks  bring their subject matter and a room to life, and they are definitely pieces to cosy up with a blanket in front of and get lost in.

Notes from the Underground


Mariona & Alvise, Karenina FabrizZi

Reminiscent of embroidered tapestries, Karenina’s elegant artworks are created using a range of artistic techniques and materials, from inks and pencil to rice paper. This helps to keep the works incredibly tactile and organic, bringing a natural, earthy feel back into the home. Luscious greens stand out on a backdrop of warm creamy neutrals adding a breath of fresh air into any room.


Night Bird, Charlotte Evans

Her Figurative Paintings make use of muted colours and abstract shapes to create expressive and emotional artworks that explore memory and how this fades over time. The result is a calm yet somewhat unusual atmosphere brining a warm touch to any home.


Add Some Hygge at Home with Art | Browse the Collection

At Rise Art we love the idea of creating an inviting environment and taking everything inside for a few months, and we believe that there's no better way to do that than with art. Browse our full collection of selected works guaranteed to bring that feeling of Hygge home.

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