5 Art-tastic Hotels Around the Globe

Posted by Antoinette Genevieve on 14th June 2018

“If you think the museum should be a white box, then I suppose you might see it that way, but art through the centuries has been displayed in baroque palaces and in churches, and people don’t say that takes away from it.”

This quote by renowned Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid touches on the increasing enthusiasm for bringing art into unorthodox spaces - like hotels. Great art isn't limited to the gallery or museum. Ambitious artists around the world are creating exceptional art and putting it in unexpected places.


MONA at sunrise. Photo by Jesse Hunniford. Image courtesy of the artist and MONA Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.


Over the last 10 years, high end hotels have started to build exciting collections of original art by established and emerging talent alike. Classical art, furniture and decor have been standard features in top hotels over the years, but there’s a new focus in the hospitality industry on giving art more prominence and showcasing more groundbreaking work.


The Horse Thief by Richard Prince hanging in the lobby of The Thief, Oslo. 

Photo by Mattias Hamrén & Jason Strong.


Around the world, hotels are opting for original, eye-catching and mood-enhancing art that will inspire their guests. Here’s a curated selection of 5 hotels around the globe that have some breathtaking art.


1. Hotel Saint George, Marfa



A little town in the middle of nowhere Texas has made quite the name for itself in the art world. Marfa is bursting with cultural activities and the Hotel Saint George is an exceptionally cool, art-focused way to begin your foray into this artsy village. Did we mention they also have a super hip in-house bookstore?


Inside Hotel Saint George. Photo by Casey Dunns.


2. Hotel Des Arts, San Francisco


One of the spectacular rooms in Hotel Des Arts, San Francisco.


No list of arty hotels would be complete without this iconic San Francisco establishment. Hotel Des Arts gives guests an intimate and immersive art experience. We’re talking funky wall murals that wrap around the bedroom. 


Another art-tastc suite in Hotel Des Arts.


3. Elma Hotel, Zichron Ya’akov, Israel


The Elma exterior. Photo by Gili Merin.


The Elma is both an arts centre and luxury hotel. Their mission is built on the belief that “when you stay with art, the art stays with you long after you leave.” 4 artist studios onsite give artists the opportunity to work in residency, while a set of exhibition halls called the Elstein Galleries showcase exciting work by artists from Israel and around the globe.


Sculpture at the Elma Hotel.


4. Museum of Old and New Art (Mona) Pavilions, Hobart


Esmond Pavilion, one of the luxury dens at Mona. Photo by Rémi Chauvin.

Image courtesy of Mona, Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia


What can be said about Mona that hasn’t already been said? It’s an exceptional art and architecture journey Every room - sorry “luxury den” - is named after an influential Australian architect and features artwork from the Mona collection. For breathtaking views of Aussie art and architecture, on the one hand, and the River Derwent, on the other, book a stay at Mona.


Unseen Seen by James Turrell 2017. Photo by Jesse Hunniford.

Image courtesy of the artist and MONA Museum of Old and New.


5. The Thief, Oslo


The Thief exterior.


As if this hotel wasn’t cool enough already, with pieces by the likes of Sir Peter Blake and Andy Warhol, it has its own curator. Enjoy a drink at the rooftop bar and then head downstairs to The Thief Art Space, which showcases art by emerging contemporary artists making a name for themselves in Norway. 


Exhibition at The Thief Art Space.