5 Questions with Icelandic Artist Kristjana Williams

Posted in In the Studio by Rise Art on 08th December 2017

Kristjana Williams is consistently in our top 5 viewed artists on Rise Art. The Icelandic artist is known for her fantastical illustrations of flora, fauna and the cityscape. Kristjana creates exotic creatures by fusing butterflies, tropical birds and exotic plants. And look closely at her cityscapes and maps - you’ll see a touch of jungle fever in those works too.



The artist has produced commissions for the likes of designer Paul Smith and Liberty department store, and she’s created installations for for hotels and exhibition centres in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Now she’s produced a selection of works exclusively for Rise Art, from exquisite 3D works to collectible hand-embellished prints. Find them on her profile - you’ll want to get your hands on one of these quicksticks before they sell out. Read on to learn more about the remarkable Kristjana.


Connaught Clearing Tree


How long does it take you to create one of your original 3D works?
It depends, the ones I like doing the most are the private commissions where I personalise the piece for my clients. That whole process can take up to 9 months. It is a very private journey. A lot of my clients are not sure if they have enough history, others worry about having too much history - regardless the way the piece grows through the stages is a very deep, personal and collaborative process between me and the client which is incredibly rewarding.



Looks like you love the London cityscape. What's so special about it?
Growing up in Iceland, where there are very few tall buildings, the impact the London skyline had on me was massive. I am truly inspired by this great city, and working on London themed artwork is a passion of mine.


Why is it so important that each A/P is hand embellished and different?
A hand embellished A/P is a special thing. All Artist Proofs are pre-edition samples where you test out colours and shades. So you are working on top of a print edition that is sold out, and the elements that I have added give the piece a three dimensional effect.


Vestur Uglu London (Detail)


What do you love most about making art?

I find the process of creating an artwork very therapeutic but it’s also like an adventure. With every piece you make you learn something new and discover something different. I don’t think there are any real aspects of art making which I dislike, I suppose it can be time consuming but I think it’s necessary to dedicate the time in order to be pleased with the final result.



What role does nature play in your maps and cityscapes?
Nature has always been really important to me. The Icelandic nature is really harsh and unforgiving, it is very stark with lots of blacks, whites and greys. The colourful flora and fauna in other parts of the world is a great inspiration, and I enjoy playing with colours in my work, the colours in the nature elements pring a piece to life.



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